558435_361361903938408_181681311_n (Mobile)

Be my Levy the Mystic Angel NJK , NL, Lux champion

( High Clearings Apollo X Thirza-Phourka v. Astrita Hof )


167656_107786255962642_7632252_n (Mobile)

  Beau the Mystic Angel

(Red-Joke Macy v. Lana’s Hof X Thirza-Phourka v. Astrita Hof)




Males with other owners, but available for breeding.

eros kopfoto sabine (Mobile)

Eye Catcher the Mystic Angel NL,Lux , Euro. Champion

( Figaro di Scottatura X Thirza-Phourka v. Astrita Hof)

Born; 15-02-2009  Mental test; sociaal + HD A ED 0/0

Owner Fam Verbakel


Fender kopfoto Sglassl (Mobile)

Fender the Mystic Angel NJK

(Farouck di Scottatura X Be my Britt the Mystic Angel)

Born; 03-08-2009  Mental test; Sociaal +  HD B  ED 0/0

Owner Fam Verbakel